Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Santa Barbara Wedding ~ Julie & Peter

They smiled ALL day...they kissed A LOT...and their pure joy and love washed over everyone present that day. We had so much fun with this beautiful couple, their family, and their friends. And we couldn't help but smile all day too...and steal a few kisses of our own!

Julie and Peter exchanged vows at the spectacular Casa das Palmas in Santa Barbara. It was an intimate ceremony and lovely reception in the gardens of the estate. The whole day was expertly and beautifully coordinated by Toby Theule. And while thunder rumbled occasionally during the ceremony, the rain was kept at bay by Julie's bright and sunny smile! Julie's beautiful daughters stood by her side and Peter's best friends by his as the two promised to love and accept each other just as they are...

Julie's smile is infectious! And we've decided that she has the best "laugh face" ever!

Julie could hardly wait to get down the aisle to fact, when she reached him, she planted a huge kiss on his lips! Everyone started laughing! I don't think the minister quite knew what to do with the bride who kissed her groom BEFORE the ceremony started.

This stunning fall bouquet is courtesy of Kaleidescope Flowers in Santa Barbara.

Congratulations Julie & Peter! We were so honored to be a part of this special day. We wish you a lifetime of love, laughter, acceptance and pure joy! Enjoy your well-deserved honeymoon!