Saturday, June 15, 2013

The MBG2 ~ Hartley Botanica

A group of gals sharing in life’s adventures since elementary school…homework, boys, jobs. Their friendship remained constant through careers, marriage and kids. In high school they decided to name their group…and so the Molecular Botanical Girls in the Garden, or MBG2, was born. Bet you’d like to know the story behind that, wouldn’t you? And what’s really funny? We shot their photos at Hartley Botanica in Somis before finding that out!

These lovely ladies are making it a tradition to have photos taken every ten years. They try to get together as often as they can, celebrating birthdays and Christmas. And we were lucky enough to spend some time with them, laughing right along with them! Thank you Nephthys, Yung, Penny, Eliza, Thelma, Sandy, Michele and Cee Cee for bringing us into your fun little world!

Eternally Yours,
Seleta & Terry


Friday, April 26, 2013

Wedding ~ Rick & Melissa

They met on a dating site...and he was 20 minutes late for their first date. But when he walked in wearing a newsboy hat, sporting dimples, Melissa was instantly hooked. This sweet couple decided to steal away from their St. Louis, MO home to paradise to pledge their love for one another. Overlooking Butterfly Beach in beautiful Santa Barbara, they watched whales cruise by and dolphins frolic in the water as they exchanged vows. The bagpipes played as Melissa and Rick smiled at each other, their mouths never saying a word, but their eyes revealing their souls.
I was honored to be part of this simple and intimate ceremony. Rick and Melissa, you are two beautiful people, inside and out. And after only a short time with you, I feel like we're old friends. I wish you all the best in your life together!
Eternally Yours,

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Beautiful Belly ~ Alana

We've taken it for granted that most of our wonderful clients are on Facebook, which means we haven't blogged since LAST YEAR! Oooops! So, we are thankful (in a way) that Alana & Randy are not on Facebook...yet. We are re-committing to blogging!
We've had the honor of photographing this awesome couple for their engagement (we had to buy Randy a beer to loosen him up!), their wedding (where we actually danced a little), Alana's first pregnancy (where she absolutely glowed), and baby Aiden (who's now a curious toddler).
And now, they are eagerly awaiting the birth of baby Aubrey! She is due February 18th...although we wouldn't be surprised if she showed up on Valentine's Day. That would be so appropriate given how much this little one is loved already! 
Alana & Randy ~ we can't wait to meet Aubrey! And it was so nice to spend time with all of you yesterday!
Eternally Yours,
Seleta & Terry


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Alysha & Phillip ~ ENGAGED!

He took her back to Olive Garden, where they had their first date. They shared a bottle of Moscato wine...their favorite. They gazed into each other's eyes and held hands. That's when Phillip said, "I could do this forever." He pulled out the perfect ring and asked her to marry him. Of course EVERYONE in the restaurant turned and cheered when Alysha squealed. The man sitting at the next table commented that moments like these are great in the movies but so much more awesome in person!

We hung out at the Santa Monica Pier with these two adorable people on a sunny July afternoon watching them melt when they looked at each other, almost seeing the sparks of electricity when they touched. Such sweet, tender love between Alysha and Phillip! We are so excited for your big day (only a month away!)... 

Beautiful Baby ~ Bella

Darwin and are two of the most blessed parents in the world. Baby Bella is just pure joy! Thank you for inviting us into your home and for the honor of spending time with your beautiful baby girl!

Class of Twenty12 ~ Melanie

She's smart, she's gorgeous, and now she's a GRADUATE! Watch out world...she's going to take you by storm!

Beautiful Baby ~ Kierstyn

Perfect baby cuteness. That's what Kierstyn is. Thank you Kellie, Scott and Brynn for sharing this adorable little blessing with us!