Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Susan & Al ~ Engaged

He couldn't take his eyes off her...the ENTIRE time! And when she smiled at him, her whole face lit up. We spent a beautiful Saturday morning with Susan and Al and we are so excited for their upcoming October wedding. They will be exchanging vows at the gorgeous Padre Serra church in Camarillo in front of their closest family and friends. We headed to Hartley Botanica for their engagement session and had a blast! These two laughed...a lot. Which means we laughed...a lot! Although we also felt a little guilty being witness to some tenderly intimate moments...but we still captured them with our cameras forever freezing those moments in time.

We can already tell these two have a wonderful future ahead of them. And we are so happy we get to be a part of it! Thank you Susan and Al for a great Saturday!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Beautiful Belly ~ Amanda, Mohamed & Liyana

We got to the house a few minutes early and when Amanda answered the door, she anxiously said, "we're not quite ready, but make yourselves at home and we'll be right down." So, Terry and I began looking around the beautiful, spacious home and getting our equipment ready. When Amanda, Mohamed, and Liyana came downstairs, we realized how worth the few minute wait they were...these three were adorably dressed with big smiles on their faces! Two and a half year old Liyana wasn't the least bit shy...in fact, she performed for us the entire time! We were so amazed at how SMART this kid is. She recited her alphabet, named the days of the week, the months of the year, said hello in three different languages, and did gymnastics! I'm sure it has to do with the great genes she has. Her mom is a nurse and her dad a lawyer. And she spends lots of time with a very smart grandma! Needless to say, baby Adam is already one blessed little boy...and he isn't even here yet! But smart genes aside, this family absolutely loves and adores one another and it showed every second we spent with them.

How CUTE is this little girl?!?

Thank you so much Amanda, Mohamed, and Liyana! We had so much fun photographing your beautiful family and we can't wait to meet baby Adam!