Monday, November 29, 2010

Beautiful Family ~ Wolff (Fillmore)

It was a very brisk autumn morning when we met Carol, her daughter Kaily, and her parents, Tom and Linda. The sun was shining, spilling out absolutely gorgeous light. Of course, the weather took a back seat when we started photographing this darling family. They had so much fun goofing off, teasing one another, and laughing. And Tom was on cloud nine since we were at the train station in Fillmore...he LOVES trains!

Don't these two look more like sisters than mom and daughter? And we mean that as the highest compliment to both of them!
Kaily and Amber were quite the pair...and both so gorgeous! They are cousins and extremely close.

Three generations of loveliness

So, at the very end, we asked Kaily and Amber to jump off the steps Fame style. After it came out of my mouth, I realized that I had dated myself. *Sigh* But they figured out what I meant and went for it...several times!

We had an absolute blast with this family! Thank you Carol, Kaily, Tom, Linda, and Amber for spending your morning with us. Oh, and we hope you enjoyed your breakfast at the Double AA Cafe!

Beautiful Family ~ Greg & Krista & Dax

We couldn't wait to get to their house. We hadn't seen Dax since he was a few weeks old and we knew he would be even cuter now...eight months old and MOBILE!!! Originally, we were supposed to do their session at a park near their home. But Greg had a involved the rooftop of their apartment building. When his mother was a child, she and her family lived in an apartment building on the East Coast. All the kids in the building used to go up to the roof to play, lay out in the sun, and hang out. At night, they would lie under the stars, enjoying the warm summer evenings. Faith Ringgold wrote a book, called Tar Beach, about those black tar rooftops where kids spent their summers. So, this vision, in a sense, is dedicated to Greg's mom. The view from Greg and Krista's apartment building was STUNNING! You could see for miles and miles and the Getty Center was in the background. Even though it was quite chilly up there, we had a blast!

This is probably our most favoritest (I think that's a word!) photos of the day!

Thank you once again, Greg, Krista, and Dax, for inviting us into your home! We are so excited that you will soon be a little closer to us and we will get to see Dax grow up. You are such a beautiful and special family to us!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beautiful Family ~ Adams (Fillmore)

To a photographer, finding a new location to shoot at is a little like finding a $20 bill in the pocket of a jacket you haven't worn in awhile. You don't want to waste it on just want to treat yourself to something special.
When Megan called wanting family portraits, Terry and I were excited. When Megan said they didn't want anything traditional, we (ok, "I") squealed with delight. When Megan agreed to try out our newly discovered location, we (ok, "I") did a little dance. We found our special treat!

Michael, Megan, Taylor, Neil, and Ebbie the dog are such a lovely family. And typical in many ways...when we asked Taylor to put her arm around her brother, she rolled her eyes. When Michael and Megan started kissing (something they truly enjoy doing!), Neil grimaced. And yet, when no one was looking, Taylor hugged Neil a little closer, Neil's grimace ended in a smile, and Michael and Megan beamed with pride at their family. And Ebbie...well, she was just about the most perfect dog!

We feel absolutely blessed to have spent an afternoon with this beautiful family. Thank you guys for being such an awesome bunch and allowing us to capture your awesomeness!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beautiful Baby ~ Meredith (Ventura)

When Terry and I arrived at Boomer and Megan's home yesterday, Brady was peering out of the playroom window. His big blue eyes stared at us inquisitively. His eyes grew to twice their size when the cameras came out...Brady loves having his photo taken! And we could take his photo all day!

One of the reasons for our visit...Baby Meredith. The newest addition to this sweet little family. She was born on October 14th to the waiting arms of her parents and big brother. For such a young little one, she had the brightest, most alert eyes. And her die for!

There was no way his little sister was getting ALL the attention!
Brady decided to get in on the shooting action. What was even cuter was how he kept saying "Cheese" every time HE took the picture!
We cannot get over how absolutely adorable this family is! And so in love! Their home is filled with photos and snapshots of their life...carefully framed and displayed. It feels as though we have known this family and have been on their journey with them the whole time.

Congratulations Boomer, Megan, and Brady! Baby Meredith is absolutely precious! We can already tell she has each of you wrapped around her tiny finger! Thank you again for inviting us into your home and into your family to capture some beautiful and special moments. We look forward to many, many more...