Monday, December 15, 2008

Bethlehem's Big Night

Immanuel Baptist Church in Highland puts on a wonderful Christmas musical every year. This year was no different. Bethlehem's Big Night was a comedic interpretation of the events leading up to the birth of Christ. We had a blast watching and we know the cast had a blast performing. Here are some of the shots of the night...

Seleta's dad Lee getting his professional stage make-up doneLee said he was trying to hook up his microphone...we know he just wanted to show some leg for the camera...

Seleta's brother Jacob was also in the musical. He and Lee played two of the shepherds that the angel spoke to that first Christmas night. As you can see, Lee the shepherd was in shock at the booming angel's voice coming from the sky!

The shepherd scenes stole the show with their hysterical dance number illustrating the message from the angel.
Our son got to pose with some of the cast. This is Jennie (she played the camel's rear end), Jacob, and Lee. Ian enjoyed hanging out with Papa the shepherd and trying on some of the costumes.

Seleta also had some fun posing with the cast. Here she is with her brother, dad and son.

We would like to thank Immanuel Baptist for putting on such a wonderful, meaningful production. This is part of our family tradition to celebrate the Christmas season. Keep up the great work!