Monday, June 14, 2010

Beautiful Belly: Alana & Randy, Part II

Since we didn't get enough of these two last weekend, we headed over to their house on Saturday to shoot some more. There were boxes and bags of baby clothes, toys, burp cloths and anything else little Aiden could possibly need stacked neatly in the living room. Alana's mom was busy painting the nursery, which will of course be decorated with monkeys!
I think Alana has decided that Randy's days of reading Maxim are's a Parenting magazine house now!

Ok, so it's a little corny, but you have to admit, the Atlas idea is pretty unique, right? If you don't think so, it was all Terry's idea!

We are eager to meet little Aiden, but not nearly as much as Alana and Randy. Hang in there you two...he'll be here before you know it!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Beautiful Belly ~ Alana & Randy

Alana and Randy have graced our blog so much in the last year...I think they just like having their photos taken! In about 5 weeks, baby Aiden, or "Monkey" as he is affectionately called by Alana, will be making his appearance.

Aren't these the cutest shirts?!? Alana's mom made them for the baby shower.

Since Aiden has earned the nickname "Monkey" we had to make sure his first stuffed animal made it into our session...

All four of us knew this would be our favorite image from the day!

Alana and Randy will be awesome parents! They are so in love with each other and with Aiden. You can tell that they cannot wait to hold him in their arms. We are so blessed to have been such a big part of their lives up to this point and are excited to see this next chapter and what the future holds for this amazing little family!