Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tiffany & Michael ~ Wedding

Tiffany and Michael met when they were 8...no, 9 years old. We got both answers depending on which of them you asked! They were in the same after-school daycare program. They remained friends for several years, but parted ways when Michael joined the Army. He was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina where he awaited word on where he would be deployed. On the night he received orders that he would be going to Iraq, he had a dream about a girl he was secretly in love with...her name was Tiffany.

Michael knew he had to find her. And he knew he had to marry her. He searched Classmates.com, he searched MySpace, and he searched Twitter. He finally found her on Facebook and sent her a friend request and a message: "Remember me? I've been thinking about you..." Tiffany excitedly accepted his friend request the next day. They talked online and on the phone for awhile, then began finding ways to see each other. When Michael proposed, Tiffany could think of no other answer but YES!

It was a whirlwind 6 months to plan the wedding. They decided to get married in Ventura, since that's where they met and where Tiffany still lived. Michael and Tiffany planned a small intimate gathering at the church she grew up in surrounded by family and close friends.

The groom was teary-eyed...the bride gorgeous. And their family and friends looked on with smiles as the two pledged their lives to one another.

This very sweet couple headed off on their wedding night for a brief honeymoon in Las Vegas to see The Lion King, then on to North Carolina...their new home. We wish you both a lifetime of happiness and love. Thank you Michael for serving our country and thank you Tiffany for supporting your husband!

This last one...totally not posed! These two could NOT keep their hands off each other the entire day! Soooo adorable!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Tito & Evelyn ~ 50th Wedding Anniversary

She was 16...he was 21. She wanted to learn stenography...he was her teacher. They fell in love and married on September 11, 1960. Tito and Evelyn have reached a milestone so few do anymore. They have been happily married for 50 years. Their two beautiful daughters, Emy and Eileen, gathered friends and family from around the country to celebrate this momentous occasion at a luau-themed party in their honor. Terry and I had the esteemed privilege of attending this event and capturing some priceless images...

Congratulations Tito & Evelyn! We wish you many more happy years together in love!

Their daughters, Emy & Eileen had one of their parent's wedding photos framed for this occasion. Emy & Eileen did not miss much by way of details...they really poured their hearts into planning this special event!

Evelyn danced the night away...literally! She spent more time on the dance floor than in her seat! This was a special hula she performed along with her daughters. The song illustrated the wisdom passed down to children from their parents.

Tito & Evelyn danced several numbers together. They looked deep into one another's eyes as if the rest of the world no longer existed.

Emy had a beautiful toast prepared...but she was so tearful, she didn't make it through! We are firm believers that actions speak louder than words, Emy.