Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Gutierrez Family...with one on the way! ~ Redlands

Sarah and Alex are the loving and proud parents to Sebastian and AJ...and are about to add ANOTHER boy to the mix! Baby Boy Gutierrez will be making his debut later in April, but this little guy is already so loved. Sarah works at a local elementary school, and Alex is working to put himself through school. He wants to be a nurse. Sebastian is almost 9 and quite smart. AJ is 7 and very funny. We absolutely enjoyed our time with this beautiful family on Saturday. Fortunately, the weather was perfect and the location awesome! We shot at the University of Redlands, which is where Terry and I had our engagement photos done 8 years ago. Awww...

One of things we absolutely love about this family, is how much they laughed! They had so much fun just hanging out as a family. It was easy to photograph them.
Sarah is absolutely glowing...her sons and her husband call her their princess. It's so cute!
We can't wait to meet this little guy next month! Congratulations Sarah, Alex, Sebastian, and AJ! This baby is lucky to have you as his family!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Louise & Andrew ~ Engaged!

They met at Baylor University in Texas, where they both majored in Fine Arts. When they were done with school, they moved to California with big dreams. Louise is an actress (a darn funny one too!) and Andrew works in film and digital media and writes the scripts that make Louise so darn funny. They have been together for just over two years. And for their 2nd anniversary, Andrew got down on one Disneyland...and asked her to marry him. Their actual engagement was videotaped by a friend and was the sweetest thing EVER!

We met Louise and Andrew last summer when they were a part of a stylized photo shoot we did at Hartley Botanica in Somis. We absolutely fell in love with this couple! They are smoldering hot, super funny, and totally goofy! And Louise is a Friends fan! We were quoting random lines from episodes and no one else had a clue what we were talking about! We were thrilled when they asked us to do some engagement photos in their beautiful new home... Yes, this is a Lord of the Rings chess set. And yes, this was all Terry's idea! Well, except having the King and Queen make out...that was Andrew's idea. And you may not believe it, but this is Louise's chess set.

Isn't the love just pouring out of her? Louise loves "nose kisses!"
Something tells me that Andrew doesn't mind watching Louise put make-up on as much as he claims to...
They have this stunning gazebo in their backyard...a perfect place to practice their wedding dance. I think they could've danced in each other's arms the rest of the afternoon.
The faces of Andrew and Louise... We are so excited for the two of you! You are so perfect for one another and we know you have a wonderful future ahead of you. Congratulations once again Louise and Andrew!!!