Monday, January 17, 2011

La Vie Boheme...{Kenton-Camarillo, Ca}

"Seniors Rock!" Literally and figuratively in this case. Kenton is a senior...a 4.0 student...popular...and a total rockstar. He's played the guitar almost his whole life and music is his passion. He will be headed to Washington State in August to attend Walla Walla University, where he will be studying to be a pastor. And we must say, he is going to be one cool and talented pastor!

We headed to Scary Dairy in Camarillo for this colorful and totally fun session. Scary Dairy is this old abandoned dairy that used to be run by the patients and staff of the old Camarillo State Hospital. It's rumored to be haunted by patients who died at the hospital...spooky, huh? True to our word, we ran out of light before we ran out of ideas!

Mom, aka Groupie, totally rocked Kenton's hat and guitar!

"Awww mom!!!" Despite the look on his face, this is a really tight family. Kenton's parents, little brother, and grandparents all came out to watch. Such a fun group!
Not too many guys can pull off a white suit...except Kenton. We wish you the best of luck in what we know will be a very successful next phase of your life. And congratulations on your upcoming graduation! Enjoy this only happens once!